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Taste from the nature
Okus iz Prirode

Domovina GmbH – store Munich

Specialties from the Balkans & Turkish cuisine

In autumn 2013 we have a sales branch for our goods in Joergstr. 88 opened in Munich. The growing demand for our products prompted us to take this step. In our branch we carry a large selection of foods from the Balkans and the Mediterranean region.

We offer all products from our catalog here.

You will find sausage products, dairy products, fresh vegetables, canned food, snacks and many other specialties from your home country.

Istanbul Markt

Istanbul Markt München

Domovina GmbH Store Munich

Joergstr. 88
80689 München

Tel: +49 89 / 58 90 97 77
Mobil: +49 151 / 11 54 12 78

Manufacturers & brands

Brand manufacturer from the Balkans

Domovina GmbH sells its own goods as well as goods from manufacturers in the Balkans.