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Our company is general importer of food from the Balkans and sells primarily products from the countries Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia since 2006. We supply the food products as a wholesaler to retailers mainly in southern Germany and with increasing propagation in the north of Germany too.

We also produce different varieties of own meat products, which are produced according to original Balkan recipes. The most of our products are „HALAL“. This means that the production and the ingredients accord to Islamic rules of „HALAL“ food. The taste of our products will bring you closer to your homeland and will be a culinary expedition to the specialties of South Eastern Europe.

Our top priority topics are service, quality and reliability. We source our products from more than 60 producers. The range includes over 500 brand-name products of vegetable products, cookies, candies, chocolate products, beverages, spices, soups, meat and meat products.

For example our bambi or Takova Eurocrem chocolate cream from Serbia or Jadro biscuits from Croatia – delicious sweets, which many of our custumers loved to eat as a child. The eyes of young and old people are shining, when they see these sweets. If you prefer savory snacks, you’ll love the Bobi flips also from Serbia.

A wide range of specialties from Bosnia round out our offerings. Paprika and vegetable paste Ajvar are main ingredients for many of the tasty recipes Bosnian cuisine.

Our Croatian specialities are also deliciuos savory: Different kinds of Vegeta spice mixes, Goulash in cans, portioned meats and meat pies of different flavors such as beef breakfast, spice mixes for different dishes, instant soups, coffee Jubilana and Tena Oblatne are just some of the products that we have available for you.

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